1. #TheFloridaFlight from the @MackHouseDavie bringing back memories from when I was here with @jroxmiami and @alexlwall for a social media event.


  2. When you see a #woman… realize you aren’t seeing what makes her tick… You may see that she’s thick, gorgeous and has a beautiful smile you can wake up to daily, but the complexities that lie within are unseen and vast. Practice patience and understanding with her and that will help you understand how to understand her. #RealShit it’s not easy and probably never will be.


  3. Eyes and ears on errrrrthing! #focuspeople #behumble #beaware


  4. If I would of got this card a year ago I would of been tremendo #platinum member…. but still, better late than never. #starbucks #morethanagiftcard #Goodmorning 😉


  5. psychotic-riaeaction:

    Roberto Girardi 


  6. psychotic-riaeaction:

    Roberto Girardi



  7. psychotic-riaeaction:

    Roberto Girardi

    Amazing photos.


  8. psychotic-riaeaction:

    "Jaws" by gossip Sg soon on www.suicidegirls.com 

    Beauty in the purest form of art.


  9. If this is real…. then this movies is going to be awesome! #boondocks


  10. #Thinkforyourself #doforyourself 💯