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  4. And that’s all that really matters. #endless #possibilities


  5. Expect me to be only as I am. #lovethyself


  6. #Tiptoeing in my #foreign 😂😂 #urkel #swag #pimpwalk #fullhouse


  7. Your Sunlight

    Like the slow rise of the sun over the horizon 

    You are the reasoning behind the earths glow

    The understanding to take patience slow

    The physical definition of how something should grow

    Perfection is little-known among weak men

    For treasures of loyalty are overshadowed by desire

    Many crumble like bark used in fire

    But the spark in my mind was created by your light after your slow rise

    So like a kid with magnifying glass destroying worlds 

    I’ll stare directly into your sunlight

    So that you’re the last I see before my world ends

    2 : AG


  8. #USA #USA !!!!!!


  9. Looks like a new path is about to start soon…and excited is the only word that can come to mind!!


  10. This is my last week on this perch! #flyinghigh #venturingout #movingon #newopportunity